Enabling seamless integrations between banks and

OnePipe aggregates APIs from banks and fintechs into a standardized gateway that is easy to integrate and makes partnerships seamless.

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Access APIs from 20+ leading banks and fintechs

Unified by a common standard.

A single gateway aggregates financial services from industry leaders, cutting resources spent managing multiple integrations and negotiating contracts.

For banks.

Drive more revenue from your digital assets. Grow your fintech partnerships to increase customer deposits and transactions in a low-risk way.

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For fintechs.

Save time and money while growing your user base. OnePipe makes it easy to partner with more banks through a single integration.

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OnePipe capabilities

Web merchant

Payment processing

Accept and process payments from cards, accounts and wallets.

Prepaid cards

Managed wallets

Hold deposits from customers in a regulatory compliant way, including prepaid cards and account management tools.

Digital loans

Loans and credit

Assess and offer short-term loans, or verify existing loans, all in a matter of minutes.

Savings and investments

Purchase services

Optimise commissions for your bill payment and airtime services.

Telco services

KYC and validation

Access an array of capabilities including BVN lookup, account and card ownership verification.

Web merchant

And more...

Account opening * Credit Scoring * Statement extraction * Payment confirmation * Bill enquiries * Insurance * More..

We create an ecosystem of shared value.

With OnePipe, fintechs and banks can collaborate closely to achieve mutual growth rather than compete.

The Principles behind OnePipe

  • Offer your customers the same service (e.g. payments) from multiple partners
  • Have a unified API interface containing all capabilities available across all of your partners
  • Switch between partners without changing your integrations

The people behind OnePipe

Victor Irechukwu
Numerical Junkie. Engineering Mogul. Takes care of backend engineering & connecting the dots
Ola Ononuju
Supreme Mugwump. Certified Hufflepuff. Avid Beyhive member. Handles Admin and Operations
Solomon Folorunsho
Aspiring oracle, basking in the glory of Ifa. Leads engineering and DevOps
Roqeeb Raheem
A reuleaux triangle of Products, business and law. Boundless passion for books. Handles product management
Samuel Alapakristi
Hardworking gospel music lover & God-chaser. Believes nothing is impossible. Handles engineering
Ope Adeoye
Go-live junkie. Untiring what-if guy. Hopes to invent something great someday. Business development
Adeola Haruna
Cinephile. Tech Enthusiast. Favourite saying: Mind Your Business. Takes care of Product Management
Hussein Alayo
'Huzaynbolt', because he truly enjoys exceling & pushing himself to win the race. Handles engineering
Segun Olaiya
Learner and smart worker. Constantly in a state to get the job done. Occasional humorist. Handles Engineering
Tobi Olajide
Specialises in making sure changes don't break him or his code code. Loves a good Western movie. Handles Engineering
Yvonne-Faith Elaigwu
Believes in Intentional Life Design. Hopeless romantic. Jesus baby. African Child. Operations & Partnerships
Akin Olunloye
Great music lover, Jon Bellion's biggest fan. Undaunted and confident, enjoys slapping the keyboard. Handles integrations

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