The payments use case

For payments, what are the benefits of using OnePipe APIs from your bank?

Another payment gateway!?

Paystack works. Rave by Flutterwave works. Quickteller works. But there always comes that one time when you have reason to move from one to the other. Whether for business reasons, or pricing, or a temporary switch over while one experiences a short downtime. Also, a sizable percentage of online payments just fail, no matter the provider.

OnePipe provides a simple payment gateway that lets you toggle the provider that handles the transaction with just a small config on a console or a parameter in the integration. If your transaction fails, OnePipe also automatically makes available options to accept payment on ATMs, at bank branches and at partner agent networks.

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Here are the reasons to consider OnePipe from your bank

One API, multiple providers: With the same integration, you can decide your preferred underlying provider. And in the event of any issue with one provider, you can easily switch over without changing code or integration.

Some specially negotiated pricing: Depending on volumes and use case, we have negotiated discounted pricing with Quickteller that lets you pay between 1% and 1.25%.

Great business insights dashboard: A very detailed and advanced view of all your business transactions.

Value added APIs: With a combination of some of the extra APIs made available via OnePipe, you can create even more interesting user experiences. From APIs that lets you pull cards linked to a phone number, to APIs that let you tokenize cards, to APIs that show KYC details of account linked to a card.

Special banking services: In conjunction with our partner banks, consistent usage of OnePipe APIs provides easy access to special banking services like loans and an interest paid on all your revenues collected and domiciled at the bank.

Automated confirmation of “pay with bank transfer”: Customers can pay with bank transfer (using whatever preferred option made available by their own bank - USSD, app, etc) and you’d be able to confirm the payment with a simple API call rather than waiting for bank alerts or checking statements manually.

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