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The industry is shifting

Customers are increasingly accessing financial services through digital platforms outside of their bank. You can offer them a one-stop-shop with services such as revenue collections, loans, investments, and wealth management.

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Partner with fintechs

Web merchant

Provide Infrastructure

Offer fintech partners a set of APIs they might need at prices you set to generate revenue.

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Offer distribution

Help fintech partners grow their customer base by letting them offer services to your customers for a commission.

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Wholesale services

Provide capital and corporate banking services to the fintechs in support of services they deliver for your customers.

OnePipe offers the perfect toolkit

We provide a set of tools and services that help banks offer API services to fintechs, enabling revenue growth from commissions and facilitating closer commercial partnerships.

Reasons to be on OnePipe

Low IT infrastructure costs.

OnePipe does the integration and hosts the infrastructure at no cost to you. Our team will evaluate the available assets within your company and work with you to create a competitive monetization structure.

Grow transaction volumes.

Extend the reach of your transactions beyond your own customer base. Let others work for you.

Tight API access controls.

Easily determine which partners can have access to which service, helping you stay compliant with your internal policies.

Advanced business intelligence

OnePipe provides detailed dashboards and extensive reporting on partner performance, revenue performance and more!

Growing catalog of available partners and capabilities

We’ll be adding more fintechs and capabilities continuously so that you can offer the best to your customers.

Sample Use Cases

Capabilities you can deploy, powered by OnePipe

A fully managed lending club


Launch your own digital lending platform in collaboration with OnePipe’s fintech partners.

A modern payment gateway


Grow your transfers with checkout powered by account transfer APIs.

Publish your APIs on OnePipe

Choose which capabilities you’d like to make available through OnePipe and we’ll work with you to implement the appropriate pricing.

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