One integration and it’s done

Save time and money spent managing multiple integrations
and negotiations across different bank partners.

Less time for more benefits

Spend less time setting up integrations and more time enjoying the benefits of least cost routing and having backups for every connection by having multiple bank partners.


OnePipe Capabilities

Web merchant

Payment processing

Card payments with flat fees and instant credit to your account. Toggle amongst Paystack, Flutterwave, Quickteller using the same integration. Direct from account payments from some choice banks.

Prepaid cards

Managed wallets

Hold deposits from your customers in a regulatory compliant manner with APIs from our partner banks and prepaid card partners.

Digital loans

Verify cards and accounts

Fight fraud more effectively by verifying card and account ownership.

Savings and investments

Payments with transfers

Automate fulfillment through system notifications whenever customer payment accounts are credited.

Telco services

Automated disbursements

Disbursement APIs that deliver lower pricing and offer direct bank access for support and a credit line to shore up your float needs.

Web merchant

And more...

Account opening * Credit Scoring * Statement extraction * Payment confirmation * Bill enquiries * Account Opening * Insurance * More...

Collaboration is how we all win.

OnePipe makes it easier for fintechs and banks to leverage each other’s strengths for mutual growth rather than competition.

Why integrate with OnePipe

One API, multiple providers, multiple services

With the same integration, you can decide your preferred underlying provider. And in the event of any issue with one provider, you can easily switch over without changing your integration.

Preferred pricing

Depending on volumes and use cases, our partners are flexible and we'll help you negotiate pricing on key services.

Increase your reach

Make services available to customers of bank partners to grow your user base.

Robust business intelligence

A detailed dashboard with insights on all your business transactions, including revenue insights, cost profiles and provider uptime metrics.

Growing catalog of available partners and capabilities

We’ll be adding more banks and capabilities continuously so that you can offer the best to your customers. We’ll also work with you to source any custom integrations you may need.

Publish your APIs on OnePipe

Choose which capabilities you’d like to make available through OnePipe and we’ll work with you to implement the appropriate pricing.

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